Wow. Home Depot’s Event Caused This Girl 3 Major Feelings

How do you summarize 3 days of an unforgettable experience into a short blog post???

The Home Depot hosted an exclusive blogger event and it was incredible!

I have thought of this since boarding my plane and I’m not exactly sure how to do it but I’m going to try. (But most likely, I’ll be posting several posts about the event–I’ve already written one more HERE.) For now, here are 3 major takeaways for me personally that I am taking with me from the event.

The Home Depot tests all of their in-house brands extensively in their secret basement testing lab. Very cool!

First thing’s first, I do NOT know how Home Depot invited me to this event. I am a nobody! I am just a normal person who has done a few projects and written about them online. There’s nothing special about that, so I am HONORED they would include me in this event. Honored that they would fly me across the U.S.A. to spend a few days with them at their headquarters and take the time to get to know little ol’ me. THANK YOU SO MUCH HOME DEPOT.


One of the VP's from The Home Depot speaking at our blogger conference.

Second thing, and this is vulnerable for me to actually admit…but I have no idea what I’m doing! This whole blogging world is completely new to me and very scary. I wrote a post about how I’ve been feeling on my Instagram. (I guess it caused a bit of a stir within Home Depot’s team members I’ve been working with, because they saw how much the owners of THD have inspired me, which is SO TRUE. I love the founders and the legacy they have created.) Here’s the image and what my post actually said:

The first set of keys from the very first Home Depot store are on display at the Headquarters in Atlanta.

“I can’t imagine how Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank felt when they were handed the keys to their very first Home Depot store. I bet they felt blessed and terrified and excited and nervous. Will they come? Will they go to our new store? Will they like it?! Truth be told, I’m at the beginning stages of my journey as a blogger and I’m feeling very much the same way. Will they come? Will they go to my blog? Will they like it?! On their opening day they went out to the streets and handed a crisp $1 bill to random people, “Hey, come to @homedepot, we just opened and you’ll love it!” I wish I could give you each a crisp $1 bill and say “Hi, come visit my blog, I hope you’ll like it!” But then I would be broke (and sad) and wouldn’t build the real relationships I am looking for. But someday I’ll look back to my early blog posts with fondness and think, I am so grateful for this journey and the blessing of starting out this terrifying, exciting, new experience as a blogger. Thank you Home Depot for taking a shot on me and letting me feel the excitement of starting out. #deepthoughts #newblogger #thdprospective #bloggerlife #whatamidoing #🙈”


The founders of The Home Depot are Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, how cute are they?

And third thing, is YES I have a lot to do, YES I am clueless to this whole new world (cue Little Mermaid), but I CAN DO THIS. I absolutely love creating and designing and writing about it online. I love this scary world I’m jumping in to, but I love it enough that I know it’s worth overcoming the difficult hurdles, the (very steep) learning curves, and the long, tiring nights.

At the volunteer event with The Home Depot where we made dressers for veterans.

How do I know it’s worth it? Because of all of the AMAZING people who I met or got to know better at this conference. It’s almost the end of my lunch break so I will talk about them in my next post, but seriously, these women and men are my idols and it was a freaking honor to rub shoulders with them during this week. Stay tuned for who influenced me the most at the conference. You may be surprised who it was!