White Pants

I have a legitimate question…when are we “allowed” to wear my white pants again? Yes, I know these “rules” are a little silly…but I still wanna know the answer! I know the “rule” of when to stop wearing white pants is Labor Day (and I frequently break that rule…) but when can we start wearing them again?

The reason I ask is because all these adorable white pants outfits keep popping up in my Pinterest and I wanna wear them now!!

  • It used to be labor day you put them away and memorial day you get them out… but I don’t think that should be the rule anymore. My husband (against my will) wears his white pants all year long. I think it should be when Spring is in the air and it’s getting a little warmer outside!

  • Where did you get your white pants? I have been seeing similar images on my pinterest feed and want some! They seem so fresh and springy to me!

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