Where to Eat Lunch if you have 1 Day in Costa Mesa

Our flight to and from Cancun last week was out of Vegas (I’ll share why we decided to fly out of Vegas later). But the day before our flight, Tanner heard word that his presence was requested for an interview in the LA area. Scrambling to leave a whole day earlier, we weren’t able to head out until close to 7 PM on Thursday evening. Not the most ideal of circumstances, but we’re young & wild so we made it work, lol.

The drive consisted of a lot of trying to stay awake and a lot of caffeine on an empty stomach. The best of combinations… #sarcasm (Side note, luckily we barely made it to Vegas before my favorite fried-chicken joint closed called Raising Cane’s! If you haven’t been there, GO. It is a MUST. I die at that Southern goodness.) We finally arrived in Costa Mesa at 5AM-MST and hit the sack.

I was working from home that day while Tanner took forever at his interview (the results of which are still TBD, send your prayers, please!) So after Tanner finished his interview, we decided to grab lunch at our local’s favorite two spots. And it turned out so perfectly, I just HAD to share it with you in case you only have one day in Costa Mesa, too! We had the most perfect combo: something healthy and something not healthy. They cancel each other out…right??

We first went to Banzai Bowls for their famous acai bowls. It is a small hole in the wall with two blenders making the best bowls and the best smoothies! It had a cool island-shack vibe that makes you think you’re in Hawaii for a quick second. The wait was rather long, so we paid for our food and jetted off to Sidecar Doughnuts.

Since donuts are so healthy…haha…we thought a little walk wouldn’t hurt. Sidecar Doughnuts was about a 10 minute walk from Banzai and it was the best decision we made all day! Living in UT, I was missing the sun, so to take a walk in the sunshine was so amazing. By far the best moment of the day, walking hand in hand with my man. I am absolutely convinced sunshine equals happiness!

Sidecar Doughnuts was another dose of happiness as I walked through the door. I knew I was in love with this place the second I walked in the door and the smell of fresh doughnuts hit me! Sidecar was a fun mix of hip and modern and it was filled with brunching women. They change their menu each day with a fresh medley of doughnut flavors. When we were there, they had 14 different flavors, some traditional and some not so traditional, but all were amazing.

I decided to play the tourist card and told our doughnut-getter that we never come here and asked if we could get some samples. She obliged and sliced up some doughnuts for us. She was kind, but we got the vibe that it wasn’t something they normally do; we got lucky! After trying a few doughnuts, we ended up picking 4 full-size donuts to purchase: huckleberry, vanilla twist, maple- bacon (the best maple-bacon I have ever had), and butter-and-sugar–which was so fresh it was still warm!

After purchasing our donuts, we sped walked back to Bonzai Bowl and our bowl was ready to go! If you are slow walkers, I would recommend driving instead b/c Tanner and I are totally speed walkers. It’s actually something I kind of love about us. We get to places fast and I am okay with that!


Our Banzai was finished when we got back, so we grabbed a table outside and enjoyed the “complementary” foods together in the warm California sun. We ate outside on some tables and Tanner was in a silly mood and kept taking these funny selfies. He’s my favorite. And this was one of my favorite lunches in awhile.