What Should I Read?

First off, I am proud that the bible is the top most read book in the world. I’m especially glad that Twilight did not beat it!!! Phew! I found this lovely graphic via SWISS MISS found HERE and it got me thinking…what book should I read next? I need to put down the magazines at the beach and pick up a BOOK! I love getting caught up in fiction books, but all I can come up with are some “help,” books.

These are some books I’ve been contemplating. Any help deciding or other good suggestions?

(One of these DESPERATELY needs a redesign)
  • I could leave you the longest list ever… Haha!

    Okay, to get started, I highly recommend author Brenda Pandos Talisman series and Everblue series (one still hasn’t come out yet though). One is a unique twist on the vampire thing, the other is a mermaid story.

    Then there’s anything by Megg Jenson. She has a couple interlacing series like the Cloud Prophet trilogy and the Swarm Trilogy. I believe she is only available on eReaders.

    Jodi Picoult’s new novel Between the Lines is amazing if you like fairy tales. Her other books (which are some of my all-time favorites) are more twisty, emotional and at times dark but really nicely done and intense in a good way.

    That’s a good start probably… let me know if you have a particular genre that you like. 😉

  • I just read “Just My Type” by Simon Garfield. I loved it. It is the type of book you can read bit by bit or in between other things. It is a must for typography lovers!

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