Watercolor Calligraphy with Hello Tosha

Alexi-Bullock-Hello-Tosha-1 Alexi-Bullock-Hello-Tosha-2 Alexi-Bullock-Hello-Tosha-3





Alexi-Bullock-Hello-Tosha-4It may come as a surprise, since I’m a graphic designer, but I’ve never had very good handwriting. It’s very inconsistent, sloppy, and crooked, but natural, free, and easy. Basically I have a love/hate relationship with it. Hand-lettering has always come as a challenge for me because my handwriting is not the best (or most legible). Well a few weeks ago I went to an event hosted by Hello Tosha at Albion Fit that changed my life! If you don’t know Hello Tosha, you need to! She’s a local hand-letterer and designer gaining tons of attention lately for her adorable style. Check her website out here! Anyway, at the class, Tosha taught us the basics of script-y hand-lettering and gave us handouts to practice on. And you know what? You would have thought I was a professional! Jk, jk, I wasn’t THAT good, not even close actually. But I had a few moment of “Hey, I think I CAN do this!” Of course, hand-lettering is something that will take a LOT of practice (and you’ll start to see more of my practices coming up soon!), but it’s something I’m willing to fail at over and over again in order to improve a skill. Because failure is the only way to move forward. And I am not afraid of failure.

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