Utah Bride Blog Invitations


I had the really amazing privilege to design some custom wedding invites for Utah Bride Blog this month!! Although they were professionally photographed and will be featured in their magazine in the Spring, I just HAD to show them off for now with my own photographs. I can’t wait to see how they styled them for their feature article that will be out in the Spring, though!

When they approached me, I was asked to spot an upcoming trend, and then create invites around it. I took that challenge very seriously, and did my very best to spot a new trend…and I’m callin’ it right now, palm leaves is the new thing! Not just palm tree leaves alone, but all of these varieties you can see in this cute illustration I found.

I created this moodboard for it before I got started, and then I went to work! Hope you enjoy!


alexi-bullock-wedding-invites-palm-leaves-2 alexi-bullock-wedding-invites-palm-leaves-3 alexi-bullock-wedding-invites-palm-leaves-4 alexi-bullock-wedding-invites-palm-leaves-5 alexi-bullock-wedding-invites-palm-leaves-6