Travel: Pizza Will Never Be The Same



No truer words have ever been spoken than that title, I am forever changed by the food in Italy. I just can’t stress that enough. Please just go, if nothing else but for me so I can live through you! It’s been awhile after getting back, but I’m finally getting around to sharing all my favorite photos from my first ever trip to Europe in October and November!



My trip with my boyfriend Tanner started in Milan in the quaintest Airbnb you’ve ever seen. After making ourselves breakfast from food we got from the local market, we drove to Naples (the birthplace of pizza) which took about eight hours. Our favorite food of the whole trip was in the following city we visited just outside of Pompeii to Ercolano. The next day we snagged a cannoli from Positano then drove the dangerous, windy slopes of the famous Amalfi Coast. Those views were to die for, I’ve never seen any group of buildings as gorgeous as those (until La Spezia later on our trip.)



After driving the coast, we made it to Rome! We stayed in Rome for 2 nights, but only had one day in the city, so we did what any adventurous tourist would do to fit everything in in one day–we rented a scooter! And lived like the locals for the day by riding in scooter gangs, weaving through traffic, parking wherever we wanted so we could to jump off and see the ruins, then jump back on our scoot to keep going! Amazingly, we fit it all in in one day, and also managed to indulge in hand-made pasta and the second-best pizza of the trip.




From there we drove through Florence (to hit up the leather markets, which were so incredible, we went back the next night!) and stayed in the La Spezia. We took the local train to visit two of “the 5 cities” full of multi-colored buildings and incredible lemon gelato, which were so good we got two (yes, each)!




On our way to our last new city in Italy, we drove through Florence, again, and stayed just outside of Venice for one night. We took the train into the city and felt like tourists the whole time, getting lost in the labyrinth of bridges, buildings, and crowds of people just taking in all the gorgeously-aging buildings.




We flew to Berlin after driving back to Milan and tried our best to stay cozy and warm in the freezing cold. While there, we ate from the grocery store across the street, tried traditional German foods at a small festival we stumbled upon, saw the Brandenburg Gate, and saw the Berlin Wall.

On our layover home, we had 7 hours to explore Copenhagen where they had convenient lockers to store our backpacks, and took the metro across the street into the city. We strolled through the famous canal street, in Nyhavn adorably decorated for Christmas amongst and multi-colored buildings. And then made the long trek back to Utah!




I can’t believe I was able to take such an amazing trip, I had never been backpacking in my life, nor taken such a long trip. But my trip to Puerto Rico last year awakened something inside of me. It awakened this stirring feeling that I need to get out and expand my small view of the world. To step outside the typical 5 buildings that I spend 70% of every day. To experience cultures, views, and people that allow me to open my mind. Because without that, without getting outside our comfort zone, in whatever way we can, how can we push our minds beyond our safe circle to reach our potential?