Top 5 Places for Inspiration in New York

I’m missing New York right about now! And especially my favorite places to be inspired. I’ve been asked before, “How can you like New York? It’s so crazy all the time!” Well here is my little secret:

I escape the city while staying in the city.

There are some beautiful parks in New York where you feel more centered and more in tune with what is happening in the world. Here are my top five outdoor places to stay inspired in such a hectic city.

1. Central Park

The grass here is the best in New York, and I love just laying in it on Sunday afternoons. Naps in the park and people watching are amazing here and I always end up with some new ideas when I leave.

2. The Boardwalk by the Hudson River
This was my favorite place to go running in New York. Everyone on the boardwalk is focused and motivated to run, bike, or rollerblade their hearts out, so it’s perfect motivation for a great run every time to clear your mind.
3. Outdoor Concerts
This concert was for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and was in Brooklyn. There are so many concerts all the time in New York, the vibe and type of people at outdoor concerts are always great for new ideas.
4. Rockaway Beach
Okay, so this one is the technically outside of the city, but you can get there by subway, so it doesn’t feel like it! Escaping to a beach is amazing inspiration because it’s a very different change of pace. To get there, take the A line almost to the very end, then take the shuttle at Broad Channel to 91st street. Extra bonus? This exit has surfers you can watch!
5. The Highline
Tucked away in Chelsea, this park always has an upbeat energy as you typically walk through the park.  This was my favorite place for inspiration as I always left excited about life and ready to dive into a new project. I highly recommend going here!
What are your favorite places to be inspired in New York?

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