The Bombs Bursting in Air

Reason Why I LOVE NYC #58

4th of July. I know they have this everywhere in the states, but here, it’s different!! How was your 4th? What did you do?  I didn’t get to throw a party, sadly. I really love bbq’s and beautiful red white extravagance, like these photos:

Thank you Martha Writes for the photos above.

But I DID get to see a fabulous fireworks show! It was the Statue of Liberty’s 125th anniversary!  They shot off 5 different firework shows simultaneously off of the Hudson River! It was fabulous! I totally loved it! There is something magical about fireworks. “The bombs bursting in air” as they’re called in our anthem, are so delightful! I’m going to miss Pioneer day this year while in NY because in Utah, I usually I get 2 sets of firework shows! That’s one reason why Utah is the best because we get 2 4th of Julys!! How can you not love fire blasting into the air in different colors, some are sparkly, some are LOUD, and just…magical!

The video was shot from my iphone4 vertically, I’m new to video posts, so bear with me! Enjoy the video so you can see well how we had 5 different shows at once! 

When I opened my box from Carlos Bakery, to my horror, THIS is what I found! Ah!!

My new Australian friend, Marne! She loves Cake Boss, and she says things like “rubbish” and she’s neat.

Shortly after this photo, clumsy me DROPPED my cupcake on my purse. I’m such a clutz!! haha

Our attempt to have some red and blue food! The most delicious fruit combo I’ve ever had! Don’t forget to use lemon juice to keep the fruit from browning!

Did YOU see any smiley faces this year in your fireworks? I also saw hearts, too!!