I’ve hesitated writing this for a long time. I want to keep our little secret our little secret. Part of the reason why it was so good is because not very many people know about it! It’s quaint and beautiful and authentic and I LOVE that. The pure reason this secret is so amazing is because it’s NOT touristy whatsoever. And I don’t want people to flock to it if the word gets out.

But I’ve decided that it takes long enough to get there and is just difficult enough to taxi, then bus, then ferry, that these factors will help keep it untouched.


Behold, Holbox Island.

Isla Holbox (pronounced ee-sla hole-bosh in Spanish) is dirt roads, white sands, turquoise waters, no cars all golf carts, swaying hammocks over the water, a quiet town, painted Palm trees, authentic Mexican food, slow-paced, real artisans, & amazing (virgin) piña coladas. I’m telling you. It was paradise on earth.

It takes a bit to get there (a 20 minute Uber, then 2+ hours by bus, then a 30 minute ferry) but I’m convinced it’s a peek into what a Mexican city by the ocean must have looked like before tourists rampaged the country.

It’s worth every minute and penny to get there, my only regret was not staying another night!

We rented a quaint, clean, quiet Airbnb just steps from the tiny “main street” (if you can even call it that), and a 2-minute stroll to the white sand beach. Pictured below, it was SO beautiful.

And the golf carts!! I haven’t seen Tanner so happy since we were on a scooter in Italy. He was so happy, and so was I, watching him soaking up the sun, sea & wind. His left arm got totally burned from it, whoops!

All in all, it was paradise. I’m so in love with this island and I can’t wait to go back!