Styled Floral Blazer with Boyfriend Jeans

Monumental day, peeps, very shortly, I have some big changes coming to the overall look of my blog! I know, this will effect the very purpose of your life as you know it (insert sarcasm), but until that change comes, I’m going to start altering the content of my blog posts to be better aligned with the new purpose of my blog.

And what changes are those? Well for one, it’s officially my second style post! Woohoo! I’m swallowing my fears about not being a fashion designer (read my initial thoughts here) and just posting! I’m swallowing my fears when it comes to fashion posts and not being qualified for such posts, but in general, I’m swallowing my fears about what this blog is morphing into, as well. Read today’s latter post if you’re curious what is coming!!

Back to today’s style post!

GOAL: Find an outfit to wear on the plane that accomplishes 3 important things: 
1. Comfort, 
2. Stylish enough for a business trip, 
3. Warmth (I’m always cold on planes). 

This outfit is the perfect answer for a few reasons. Most importantly, it was comfortable. Comfort is huge in my book because you’re uncomfortable enough sitting next to strangers and breathing stale air, so I do whatever I can do to feel as comfortable as possible. The easy answer is to wear sweats and slippers. But, I was on a business trip with coworkers, so I had to appear professional. So instead of sweatpants, I wore boyfriend jeans, which are on the casual side, but a lot better than sweats. And to dress up the jeans, I chose a floral blazer, which I wore instead of my normal plane attire of a sweatshirt. And the pieces that tied the two together was a nice, flow-y tee shirt with a statement necklace. Lastly, the shoes. Normally I would wear a cute pair of heels with this outfit to make it more sexy, but I really hate walking through security in bare feet. So I opted for comfortable white tennis shoes, instead.

I’m still learning how to style boyfriend jeans, but I think I’m doing an okay job for my first whack at it? Right? I’ll probably try again next week, because I’ve seen some really cute outfits on pinterest lately. Take a look at this week’s outfit and tell me what you think!

Check out some suggested pieces below, and I won’t tell you which ones, but two of the jackets are actually on sale right now! Bonus!