Start to be Great

I’ve done a lot of thinking lately and although I think that graphic design is fascinating and I’m so passionate about it, I also realize that not everyone is interested in graphic design the way I am. That’s why I’m going to start incorporating posts about how design can effect other parts of a person’s life, as well. I want to tie in the conscious thinking I do with graphic design projects to all parts of my life. Truth be told, it’s what I already do, I really do design my whole life, each small piece of it. Now, I’m finally going to be sharing that with all of you! Today’s earlier post is the start of showing how I design other parts of my life, specifically my style. And later this week, you’ll see more posts about designing other parts of my life, like designing my home, designing beauty, designing food, designing vacations and designing life! And of course, I will still post about graphic design, not sure if it’s possible for me not to! Can’t wait to show you what my new blog looks like! It will probably be a little haphazard in the beginning, but I’m swallowing my fears and just doing it! I just have to start and not worry about what it looks like for now, but just start! Hopefully the few of you who read my blog will like it!

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