Scary Changes



I’ve been considering adding YouTube video tutorials to my projects moving forward, but I wanted to get your thoughts on it, really quick. Do you read more blogs or do you watch more videos? I have a hunch that you watch more videos than you read blogs just in general, but tell me what you do more of and why!


I already feel like I have no idea what I’m doing as I blog. There are so many moving parts, and I certainly have not perfected them all yet. So adding video to the mix is really daunting, I have no idea how to be successful with videos!



But I also feel strongly that I should be doing YouTube. It’s like this feeling that I have that I should be doing it. Why, I have no idea, because I have no idea what I’m doing. And the thought of building a brand new channel is really daunting. Starting from scratch is scary! I have no videos, no subscribers, and no views! Ahh!! But my sister Melea started from scratch on YouTube couple years ago, too, and she has EXPLODED (she is about to hit 300k subscribers, go help her out!). So proud of her.


(Sooooo if you feel the desire to give me a boost by subscribing to my YouTube channel before I’ve even added my second video, I would love you FOREVER and be so grateful!


Wish me luck, here it goes!!!