Running Isn’t So Bad

This is monumental, guys. I just signed up for my FIRST TWO RACES EVER!!! The St. George Marathon in October (which is a lottery, so I’m not officially IN, yet) shown above and the American Fork half marathon in June, shown below!!
Rewind to a year ago.
I was the person who hated running. I never understood why people would put themselves through such torture. What was the appeal??? But there were so many people who ran and thoroughly enjoyed it, so there had to be something to this running thing. Turns out there was. And is. 
One day, about a year ago, I saw the “Couch to 5k” program that was circulating around Pinterest, and thought, I’ll give it a shot. In the beginning, it was hard. I was SO OUT of shape, especially “running shape” but I kept going, and did the entire program. And by the end, I really was running 3.1 miles without stoping and I was elated! Slowly but surely, I’ve tried to continue running. When did I know I liked running? When I felt myself craving running, oddest feeling ever, but such a good feeling, too! 
Fast forward to now, and I’m doing a training program from Nike (I would totally recommend it, BTW) for the half marathon, then will continue my training for a full marathon in October (cross your fingers for me that I win the lottery for the St. George marathon!!) 
I’m just so excited that I’ve taken this huge step and signed up for my first two races, so thank you for letting me share!! 

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