REVEAL POST: Family Room Finished

It’s the final reveal!!! Well, sort of…I can only share a handful of photos on here, because the REAL REVEAL IS ON THE HOME DEPOT BLOG. Head there now to see the before photos, and read all the fun details about what I did! Still, it feels so good to  finally be sharing this with you! I know for you, this project probably seemed like a brief moment, but it’s been on my mind to finish this room since the day I moved in.

A huge thank you to Home Depot who helped sponsor. I love that store, I’m there way too much and I’m slowly memorizing the entire store, which is kind of awesome in a dorky way, haha. More huge thank you’s to my new favorite chandelier/light fixture from my girl Sazerac Stitches with her custom lights (go show her some love on IG, too!) and the uber-talented Lindsey White of Urbann Nest who custom created the giant weaving you see pictured. To say I’m obsessed with both new pieces is a huge understatement. And I’ve had so many people ask about the large LDS prints pictured as well, those are from Pretty Ink Design, they are so so great, right??

This is the first room of my new room-by-room series, and I’ll keep moving along one room at a time until my whole house is done (or until I run out of energy, haha)! 16 weeks ago I had this idea and I posted on Instagram that it had been driving me crazy that everywhere I looked I had unfinished rooms. And I decided I’d much rather have finished rooms than finished projects. So, with this first room officially under my belt, I will continue to go sequentially throughout my house, room by room until I’ve done my whole house!!

And the best part about this room-by-room series is getting your feedback. I’ll post on IG the next room I’m updating and I want your feedback, so look for the post coming soon!