Resolutions Follow-Up

I may regret this later on, but I’m going to write some posts to keep myself in check when it comes to the resolutions I’ve set. It’s more just for me, because I know I’m only a small blog, but being accountable somewhere always helps a ton. 

How have I done so far? Actually, I feel really satisfied with how I’ve done. I was nowhere near “perfect” but I was dead happy about the choices I made! First off, I have started and finished a book!! I can’t believe I’m only a few days into my resolutions and I’ve done that already. Really proud of myself, even if it was kind of disturbing. I’ll tell you more about the book soon, haha. And let’s talk about food, shall we? Because let’s be honest, food is my biggest weakness; I LOVE it so much! Saturday, I made myself dinner, yes, on a Saturday night! And at lunch I made really heathy choices too. And you know what? At the movie theater that night, I ate buttered popcorn and it was amazing, and I let myself enjoy that treat because it made me happy! Then on Sunday, when I made brownies, instead of licking the whole bowl, I only licked the spoon and didn’t even eat a brownie (because come on, the batter is the best anyway)! That was a real win for me. 
I think you have to be realistic with goals and the most important thing is to not beat yourself up when you aren’t perfect. Love yourself, accept your choices, and make better ones tomorrow. 
Today? It was rainy and cold, so I got myself some chicken noodle soup, a breadstick, and a sandwich, and daaang, that bread was good. I’m trying to limit my breads to only once a day, and even though I let the bread in that meal get a little out of hand, I made up for it with my other meals where I finished off 7 servings of vegetables. And you know what? They were incredibly simple and delicious! I’ll post the recipe soon.