Recycled Notebook

So, I have been collecting scrap paper for a long time. Like printer paper that are used on one side and I WOULD have thrown them away, except I’ve been saving the world one piece of paper at a time! It took me a few months, but I finally got enough scrap pieces of paper that I could make this really cute journal below! So if you have scrap pieces of paper saved up, (or you can start saving now, too, if you want to??) then you can make a cute journal like mine below! The best part?? I didn’t spend even one penny on this recycled notebook! I ONLY used materials I already had! Sweet, huh? Well, enjoy!

Her are all the supplies I used! First, take 30 pieces of your scrap paper and fold them individually until they’re in 3 stacks of 10 folded in half.

Then, measure a small dot at 2″, 4″ and 6″ on the inside of your fold and use something sharp and pointy to poke holes in all 30 of your pages in the exact same spot. Stack them like so and now we’re going to thread them together!


Remember that you can thread together your pages however you want, but this is just a way that I figured out how to thread them on my own! Just remember to tie it extra tight at the end so they’re squished together like the picture above! Now trim your cover chipboard or cardstock paper so it’s 1/4″ larger than a regular piece of paper on both ends.

Time to create your cover! Decorate it however you want on one side! And fold over the excess on all edges like above.

I decided to use this special tape called Gorilla tape (it’s even stronger than duct tape!) to give my cardstock some extra stability. Make sure to tape the edges from the front down! They cover the entire surface with the tape for that stability!

Now, glue the end two pages onto your duct tape! Make it’s centered! You can glue envelopes inside your notebook to put some extra memorabilia inside!

I wanted to cover that first page that I glued to the taped side, so I glued a page down on both of those pages, and now you’re finished!!
Let it dry for 24 hours before you use it so the glue can dry really well! You don’t want your book to fall apart! 
Remember that I didn’t buy ANYTHING for this project! So use what you have around the house to make your notebook personalized and recycled!

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