Reasons Why I Love NYC: #059

Joy Burger. I’m so sad I didn’t find this place sooner!! It is the BEST burger I’ve had in New York for these last 10 weeks, and I’ve had some pretty good burgers! But this one definitely surpasses them all! It has a vintage, 70’s style interior with awesome leather chairs and a bar. There’s one of those green felt board signs. You choose how well done you’d like your burger. I like that a lot. You get a big, long sliced pickle as your side. And their fries are skinny-homestyle cut. The best part is that they have 8 different sauces to choose from for your burger. My friend got pesto! I got BBQ and garlic-mayo! You get cheese options, too and can choose from American, cheddar, swiss, and feta cheese! It’s a place to satisfy your specific burger desires with its many selections! And it’s so cute! I also got some really delicious gelato/ice cream from Rocco’s after dinner. YUM!

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