Reasons Why I Love NYC: #058

New York Public Library. It was stunning! So iconic with the front steps leading up, and the pillars and the architectural details and the lions! All of these from the outside because, alas, they closed the library right as I got there! There, I said it, that’s my confession! I didn’t actually go IN the library, but I WILL very soon! I’ve taken-in the outside and soon I’ll take-in the inside, see? I’m just doing it as a 2 parter! But the outside seriously was so wonderful! I sat on the steps and read for a little bit because it felt nostalgic to do so. And I’m really sucked into my book right now! It’s the last in the Mortal Instruments series! Totally vampire-y book (2nd confession in this post), but seriously so wonderful!! I love a book I can escape into and this is the perfect one to do it in! Library, I won’t disappoint you! I will be back!!!