Reasons Why I Love NYC: #056

Jim Gaffigan. Have you ever heard of Jim Gaffigan? Well you are in for an AMAZING laugh once you listen to him! Let me introduce you, You, meet Jim Gaffigan, Jim Gaffigan, meet You! There. You’ve been formally introduced. Now will you please listen to what he has to say? Please watch Hot Pockets. And the you can watch Bacon. These are my FAVORITES of his skits. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you! He’s a comedian! And an amazing one at that! He’s soo hilarious, and clean, and so witty! I love his random banter that he mutters under his breath sometimes. SO great! I had the opportunity to meet him…in a crowd of hundreds of other people too. He didn’t exactly shake my hand, but I’m pretty sure he would have if the lighting was better on the audience and he saw how happy I was to see him up on stage! I recorded a little bit for you to watch! Take a look and PLEASE click on those links above so you can see him (and hear him) at his best. When you watch the video below, please excuse my laughter.

Turn the volume up high so you can hear it well enough!