Reasons Why I Love NYC: #055

Central Park. Yes, I’m aware this has already been a reason why I love NYC, but I can’t help it!! It’s wonderful in every way! Seriously! Last time I went running….which was more than just a couple of days ago….(shoot, after that confession, now I really REALLY need to go tomorrow…I WILL! Done. I’m going running in the morning.)…I found these beautiful little details about the park! My favorite thing about these is that the lighting is so perfect at this time in the morning! So something as beautiful as a fountain, or simple details on the concrete fences, and even the mundane of a curb can all look SO wonderful! Do I stand alone in this?? I hope not, because the lighting is just, just… *insert Italian smooch sound as you kiss the tips of your fingers and throw it up into the air* MUAH!! Love the lighting, love NYC, LOVE Central Park!

(Love Instagram since most of my photos are from there these days)