Reasons Why I Love NYC: #054

39 Steps by Alfred Hitchcock. Have you had the chance of seeing this movie? It was old, charming, and in black and white, so what’s not to like? The most spectacular part about seeing this movie, and the reason why it’s one of the reason’s why I love NYC is because I saw it outside in a park! Bryant Park Movies happen every Monday during the summers, fun, huh? I got there shortly after the gates opened to the public, and it was already packed!! People line up hours before the gates open so they can get a prime spot on the grass! So I got there around 6, and was lucky enough to squeeze my blanket between some very nice people, and not anyone smelly, swearing, or smoking, phew! I was amazed at how packed this place was, though, and through the pictures you’ll sort of be able to tell! But even though it was packed, just the ambiance of being out on the grass on a blanket with my graphic design friends, feeling the breeze, and being surrounded by huge skyscrapers was such a wonderful experience! It was well worth it to be there for 4 ½ hours, I honestly had a great time! If you’re ever in NY for a Monday evening and you have the time to spare, come watch a classic flick! Enjoy my Instagram photos!

I love that this little park was surrounded by the city skyscrapers, beautiful!

All the crowds of people! 

I could see this little sliver of the sunset. The only reason I don’t miss the mountains in Utah is because you get a few extra hours and extra space of sky for more sunset time! Beautiful!

Preview for Harry Potter….I am QUITE obsessed with these films! I love them! And then we got to see a short film of Bugs Bunny before the show! Yay!! 

39 Steps, the featured film!