Reasons Why I Love NYC: #053

Progressive dinners. I know you can do these types of things ANYWHERE, but this weekend was the first time I’ve ever done one! And it was AWESOME! I felt so ritzy and cool and like a New Yorker because I knew all these fantastic restaurants to eat at! Our first course, appetizers, was at this restaurant Cafe Habana (and I failed to get a photo of the deliciousness we partook of because I scarfed it down before I could! Woops!). We had grilled corn there!

You know how when you’re RREALLY hungry, food tastes even better? Well, while I was here on a school trip with my graphic design major, we came to Cafe Habana on a cold, February, RAINY afternoon. And. We. Were. Hungry. Like, really hungry! We had been slushing through the rain all day, and my umbrella I bought started breaking within an hour (Note to self: never buy an umbrella from China-Town again.), and we were hungry! Like I said. SO, we stumbled upon Cafe Habana and had heard from previous students that their corn was amazing! But, it’s corn, right? How amazing can corn be?? We only had to wait a few minutes, thankfully, in the rain until our table was cleared off and we were seated at our table. We smelled like wet dog. (You know the smell.) So we ordered our grilled corn and other food selections, and I splurged and bought the homemade limeade, which turned out to be worth the $3! So when this corn came, it looked delicious! But, again, it’s only corn though, RIGHT? WRONGO BONGO!! Seriously, this corn was and still is in the top 5 foods (desserts don’t count though, duh!) I’ve EVER had! This grilled corn is grilled to perfection-juiciness-warmness-et-cetera-ness, then brushed with butter, and covered with this amazing Mexican corn I still can’t remember the name of, with chilli pepper to taste, and a quarter lime to squeeze on the top. I mean. So Good!! Please tell me that sounds good. PLEASE!

So after trudging through the rain, smelling like wet dog, gross, we got to sit down to delight in the most delicious thing I had my entire trip in New York! Thank you, universe, for sending Cafe Habana to me. Sincerely.

So part of me thought that the corn was going to taste so good because we were SO HUNGRY, and smelled….gross…. But when we went back this weekend for our Progressive Dinner Appetizer, it was JUST AS GOOD!! (Thank goodness! I didn’t want our entire experience to be a fluke! So I LOVE it even more!)

Then we found a quaint cafe restaurant where we all got delicious pesto-turkey-avacado panini’s! It was called Cafe Fiat! And for the first time ever, I got to try out this dessert, (our dessert for the evening) which was rice pudding! Rice To Riches. The environment alone was worth the experience! Check out our experience, and I’d love to hear any suggestions for the next progressive dinner we do!

This hand-drawn type on the tiles was so adorable! I just love hand-type!

Look how fun it was! The entire outside was shaped like a grain of rice!

There were funny signs like this ALL OVER the place inside and they were all SO FUNNY!

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