Reasons Why I Love NYC: #050

Babycakes. It’s a vegan bakery! I went with some of my girlfriends this weekend and we had a great time! We had never tried vegan food before, so we thought we’d start off with foods made up solely of sugar, because then you can’t go wrong!! And we were right! They were great! I tried a lemon cupcake, Arien tried their cornbread, Kate tried the carrot cake one, and Amber got the best one…chocolate mint! Yum! I will definitely go back to get the chocolate mint cupcake next time! They were really nice there and we had a great time!

The thing I liked the most about their cupcakes is that each cupcake was like an art! A quaint, beautiful, pastel piece of art. The frosting was molded just so to give it that delicate, “I’m delicious” look! I loved the little tuft of extra colored frosting on top, too! Makes me wanna do that for the next batch of cupcakes I make! Loved them! Love my girls! Love NYC!

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