Reasons Why I Love NYC: #049

Union Square Farmer’s Green Market. I was waiting for a friend at Union Square this last weekend on our way to the BEACH. (Sidenote: I seriously CANNOT get enough of the beach! And I had NO CLUE that there are even beaches at New York! At least, good enough beaches to be an actual BEACH, ya know what I mean? This beach is huge, too! So so great, and it’s fulfilling my beach cravings!) As I was at the Union Square Park stop, I decided to wait outside of the subway so I’d have service and to my surprise, there was the Farmer’s Green Market going on! I had no clue! But I guess this is a regular occasion! Sweet! So I had a delightful time walking around seeing all of the vendors there! There were cute, speckled fresh eggs, TONS of flowers, fresh meat, fresh strawberries and carrots and onions (which all look really beautiful in the photos I captured below!)

All I know is that if I would have had cash on me, there was a LOT I would have bought! And it may or may not have been a few bushels of strawberries. I swear, I was still a few feet away when the strong aroma of sweet strawberries was wisping through the air! Such a sweet, ripe, delicious smell! I wanna go back and get some even if it’s expensive, they look like they’re plucked straight from the garden! And I grew strawberries at my parents house one year while I was younger (I really was the only one in my family who, roughly, kept up with gardening and I still miss it to this day!) and those strawberries were small, but packed with flavor and the reddest red! Yeah, well these strawberries at the Farmer’s Green Market were like that! Ok, enough raving, and time for some pics!