Reasons Why I Love NYC: #039

Donuts in the park. On Friday, my boss was working with Annie Lebovitz (NBD) and he called into the office and said that it was such a beautiful day that we should all leave!! And he called at 2:30!! WOOHOO!! Since Friday was National Donut Day, I grabbed a frozen hot chocolate and  my free donut from Dunkin Donuts and wandered over to Washington Square Park! Okay, I didn’t know that this park was THIS park!! I’ve seen it on movies and it is just beautiful!! LOVE this park! I will be going again, soon! So I just sat in the park for an hour or two, sipping my frozen hot chocolate, eating my chocolate donut with sprinkles (of course!) and read a magazine! It was windy but probably 75 degrees, so it felt perfect outside! What a wonderful Friday!!