Reasons Why I Love NYC: #019

Film crews are no big deal. Yesterday, I was minding my own business, walking on the streets to find a Bath & Body (which was actually kinda frustrating, b/c it was the first time my iPhone failed me…it told me there was a Bath & Body on 34th street…but there WASN’T!! It was actually on 42nd street! So I had to walk a bit further than I was expecting…anyway…) so as I’m crossing the street, I see SIX of these film production crews carrying all this equipment! I saw those producer chairs on a cart as well, and they all said White Collar on them, and I found this trailer for it! I guess it’s a TV show!! Has anyone seen it?? Looks pretty decent! I guess they were doing something for it right then, or at least changing locations, but in New York, I guess that’s a normal thing to see because no one else stopped to gawk like I did!! Check out the trailer I found HERE.

P.S. Speaking of films, I also saw MATT DAMON somewhere else. NBD.