Reasons Why I Love NYC: #016

Waking up laughing. I can’t remember when I’ve done that! I’m sure it’s happened, but not in a long time!! But this morning, I started giggling from something random that happened, and my roommate started giggling too, and then it undulated to this roaring laugher between the both of us! Everytime she laughed, I would laugh, then she would laugh! It was so random, but so liberating! I was lying on my back, laughing and crying I was laughing so hard! That was a very good morning, and the last time I can remember that happening was never…so it must be New York!

**Disclaimer**laughing is not an indication of my happiness, just because I don’t normally laugh right as I open my eyes doesn’t mean I am not a happy person**
On another note, I found a really fantastic illustrator named Owen Gately and you can see his stuff HERE. Please check out the awesome illustrations I came across through his WEBSITE below! Enjoy!