Photos from the Blooming Monogram Domaign Class

The last Tuesday in April I hosted my first collaboration with Katie and Kellie, but the 5th Domaign class overall. I’m so happy and pleased to say… it was a SUCCESS!! We want to thank all our friends, family, and social media buds came out and supported our class! It was so much fun! I only wish I had gotten a photo of everyone together 🙁
Planning events like these are a lot of work; it takes hours of planning, advertising, gathering materials, class prep, etc. So having someone to collaborate with on this class was a ginormous help! Both Katie and Kellie helped so much with planning the details of the event, and Katie was able to be there for the event, sadly, Kellie lives in LA and couldn’t make it. Regardless, it made a huge difference having collaborators and a friend/host there, thank you, girls!

I’m excited to share some pics from our lovely class! Again, it was so nice to meet new friends and connect. I can’t wait to meet more of you at future Domaign classes – hope to see you there, too!