Paint Sprayers: 3 Reasons Why It Didn’t Work the Last Time You Used One

Oh my gosh, I finally used a paint sprayer and my life is changed. Okay, that’s maybe a little dramatic, but I am so extremely pleased with this paint sprayer that I just have to tell you about it!

I know I just barely finished a different bathroom update, but I also updated my half bath! I am fully revealing it tomorrow, but below is a day-early sneak peek (other than the sneak peek you got if you followed my Instagram story a few weeks ago).

Today, however, I’m going to chat about my door!

If you missed it, I painted my bathroom door black! I have seen black doors on Pinterest, like this one, so many times, but I never thought I would have actually done it! But I mustered up the courage and went for it. And not only did I go for it, but I also used a paint sprayer for the first time!

Don’t ask me why, but I was totally nervous to try a paint sprayer. Would it work well? Would it be even? Would it be hard? Would I accidentally spray everything within eyesight? I just thought that a paint sprayer is only for professionals, and I am not a professional!

But ultimately, all I could do to face my worries was give it a shot…and boy was I surprised! It was WAY way easier than I was expecting.


I purchased this sprayer from Home Right on Amazon and I’m totally in love. The whole container on the sprayer unscrews so you can put the paint in very easily. It’s a large container, so I didn’t have to add more for my entire door, and I did two coats! That was a huge plus. The other plus was that in between coats, I didn’t have to saran-wrap any of my paint supplies like you would have to do normally with a paint brush or roller.

Another plus about this sprayer was how little I had to do to the settings to make it spray well. Since I did NOT want to have the sprayer get out of control, I set all the settings low so they would spray minimally, then I increased the amount slowly until it was at a setting I was comfortable with. I think I was expecting it to be messy and spray everywhere? I don’t know guys, I seriously was freaked out.



But look how evenly it sprayed! It’s not splotchy or uneven in any way! It comes out very controlled. I’m telling you YOU NEED A PAINT SPRAYER! I’ve heard people have been unhappy with their paint sprayers in the past, and if you fall into that category, then you might have been doing one of the 3 things below.

My door now looks professionally painted, all because of the Home Right Paint Sprayer! Look how amazing it looks in my house below. SO happy with the results.


So, moral of the story is? Buy a paint sprayer, like the very next time you need to paint. The coverage is awesome, it’s less muscle, it’s smoother, easier cleanup, just everything about it is easier. And if I haven’t convinced you yet, I urge you to try it again and follow these 3 guidelines this time.


3 Ways to Make Your Paint Sprayer Work


  1. Buy A Good Paint Sprayer. This one I’m using by HomeRight is so good! Thin your paint! I’m confident this is one of the main reasons why the last time you tried a paint sprayer it might not have worked. And yes, it’s on Amazon Prime. And yes, it will be the smartest $100 you’ll ever spend.
  2. Prep your surface. Make sure that the surface you’re painting is clean. If there are any weird spots on your surface, like glue or dirt, it will show through the paint, OR the paint won’t be able to cover it at all. AND if you’re painting a door, I highly recommend cleaning it, then taking 5 minutes to run light sandpaper on it, and then wipe off the grit.
  3. Slightly Thin Your Paint. Most paint sprayers say you don’t need to thin your paint, but a slightly watered down mixture–just 5% or so, will make a big difference.


And there you have it! Good luck with your next paint sprayer, I know you will do awesome, and if you need advice, please reach out!