One Surprising Reason why you need to keep a Knife in Your Car


First off, thank you all for the extra love and support on my latest blog post. It has been a tough lesson to learn, and there’s not really a perfect way around it. People steal things on the internet and unless I want to pursue a lawsuit (which I don’t) then there’s not much else. Darn. BUT thank you all for the love on the whole fiasco.

You need to keep a knife in your car. Why?? These 3 reasons, and obviously the last one is the most important.

  1. In case you’re in a car accident and you need to cut your seatbelt off or break your window.
  2. In case a bad guy tries to attack you (scary thought, I know.)
  3. In case you see some to-die-for weed/bushes on the side of the road and you MUST pull over immediately and cut some trimmings for your kitchen.


How could you not pull over when the trimmings looked like this?? So amazing. I was stopped dead in my tracks when I saw that pretty faded green color on the long branches. I pulled over and walked through the mud to get to these!


branches make the perfect, tall, dramatic centerpiece for gray cabinet, modern-style kitchen


If you are so compelled to spend zero dollars on free roadside cuttings, then follow these easy steps

  1. Cut some long trimmings, try to get full branches that are nice and long. You can always cut them shorter.

How to use branches for a centerpiece


2. Strip off all of the ugly branches. These had a LOT of ugly branches, look how much I stripped off below. They looked miles better once they were stripped off.


make sure you do this when you cut branches for a centerpiece easiest way to cut the length for a centerpiece is simpler than you think

3. Gather them in your hands so the tops are varying lengths. Try to position them so they look natural and full. But you pretty much can’t mess up this step b/c they are branches, they have minds of their own.


gorgeous home-brew bottle for a centerpiece with branches


4. Place them in a large bottle that you already have, or snag a bottle like this cheap bottle from Amazon Prime and fill it with water. They should last a long time b/c branches are pretty hardy, so add a lot of water!


close up of the perfect centerpiece with branches, a candle, and a hand-written quote of "one day in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful"


Pair your branches in a bottle with some decorative items like a candle & framed art and you’ve got a free, gorgeous centerpiece!