One of Martha Stewart’s Beauty Secrets #4

It’s here already, the 4th post about Martha Stewart’s Beauty Secrets! The last beauty secret will be posted next Wednesday, so come back for that!! If you missed out on #1, #2, #3 make sure to go check them out! If Martha Stewart is 71 years old and looking so fantastic, then it’s definitely worth it to be doing what she does! I wanna look THIS GOOD when I’m 71 for sure!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the 4th secret to Martha Stewart looking so good is skin care. Her daily routine includes a thorough cleansing every morning and every night. She uses tones, enriching day and night creams, and serums to keep her skin elastic and glowing. Sunblocks, balms and skin healers are also necessary as preventive treatments. And once you have taken care of cleansing and protecting your skin, the next important thing is how to best apply your makeup with THESE 7 TIPS.

Please read the details of these steps HERE

She seriously does look SO GOOD. I was absolutely surprised when I saw her in person! And let’s not lie here, Martha Stewart gets Photoshop-ed (along with every single person who is ever in any magazine). But do you want to know another secret that I witnessed when I was interning there this summer??  I learned that they don’t even Photoshop her that much! It’s not really taking away the wrinkles with Photoshop as much as it is adding “glow” to her face with Photoshop. Do you hear this people? A 71-year old woman hardly has wrinkles and they add some extra spice of life to her instead! Truly awesome. 

And one more thing to add, has she had plastic surgery? No one really knows. I have seen her in person and it just looks like she gets facials and peels often. At most, maybe she’s had some injectables, which technically isn’t plastic surgery. But a quote from a plastic surgeon. Dr. Edward Jonas Domanskis, who practices in Newport Beach and is an assistant clinical professor at University of California, comments and guesses about plastic surgery on Martha Stewart:
“Yes, Martha has been Photoshopped but she looks very good in person also. She is a beautiful woman. She does not appear to have had much, if any, plastic surgery. . . She shows that one doesn’t need plastic surgery to be attractive at her age!” Source

And that’s one thing that I appreciate about Martha Stewart, she takes care of herself, she is not perfect, but shows that you don’t need plastic surgery to be attractive at her age.

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