One of Martha Stewart’s Beauty Secrets #3

I’m totally late on this one, so sorry! But today I bring you the 3rd post of Martha Stewart’s Beauty Secrets! Go check out #1 and #2 if you missed out! I have 5 total secrets that are (supposed) to be posted on Wednesdays, and here’s goes number three!

This one shouldn’t surprise you, but one of Martha Stewart’s Beauty Secrets is to exercise! And she does it almost everyday! She has a personal trainer that comes to her house, which helps to force her to work out. I really like the concept of this, because if you can find a way that you are “forced” to workout, that will help! Working out with friends, or immediately after an activity (like a day at work) will help you to exercise on those days when you really don’t feel like it. At home, Martha Stewart has aerobic machines, weights and Cybex machines, and has a lovely view of the farm, a television so she can watch the news while running on the treadmill, and yoga equipment. The importance of aerobic exercise cannot be overemphasized. Aerobics keep weight down and stamina up. 

Martha Stewart says, “Weights are all-important for bone health and body toning, and yoga is essential for calming the mind and strengthening the body’s core. I love weights for arms and shoulders, and my Pilates ring for strengthening thighs, arms and chest. A yoga block, a ring and a yoga strap come with me wherever I go, so I can at least get a bit of a workout when I’m not at home.”

And even if you don’t have the luxury of taking an hour out of your day to workout, remember that walking is another good way to keep your heartbeat up and to stay healthy. Take the stairs, park far away in the parking lot, and take a walk during a lunchbreak. 

Remember, Martha Stewart is 71 and not only looks fantastic but is in good health! So I will take her advice to the grave with me so I can look THIS GOOD when I’m 71, too!