Oh, That’s Why I’m Here

Oh yeah…I’m at an internship! THAT’s why I’m in NYC! Sometimes I almost forget because I’m having so much fun in the city! I go every week day but I haven’t shown anything that I’ve done since I’ve been here! One company that my internship, Modern IDENTITY, has worked with is SSP. In their words, here’s what it is:

“Student Sponsor Partners addresses the high school dropout crisis in New York City by providing underserved students with four years of college-preparatory education. All SSP students are paired with Sponsors and mentors who offer financial support and one-to-one mentoring, thus making a meaningful impact on their lives.”

Anyway, I got the opportunity to create some info-graphics on their website! You can check them out HERE to see all of them, and I’ve posted some of them below! It’s a pretty wonderful program here in NYC and I’m glad I got to help them out in this small way!

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