New Home Inspiration

Woo!! In the last week I have done a ton! I have ripped down a wall, framed a new one, took down doors, and molding and am currently in the process of changing some lighting. WOW! So much! I will post pics of the mess which is our house. Guys, it’s bad. And I have anxiety because nothing looks good and I keep having cute people from the new ward, or friends, or family members coming by to see our new house…and there is NOTHING to see because it’s all in boxes, and we have tools covering the floors, and exposed dry wall/framing everywhere. SO not the ideal situation to show people our new house. But everyone’s been very helpful/patient as I’ve talked them through all the plans we have to changing the home to fit our wants and desires, and it helps to keep me excited about things! But just know, you’ve been warned, if you stop by my house anytime until I am done (which may be Christmas, hahaha) then you will get a mouthful of ideas as you stare at an empty house!

Despite the ugly parts of making updates to a home, the FUN PARTS include a lot of Pinterest (like, a lot). And I’ve officially made a mood board for our new house. Take a look! And find all these pins on THIS BOARD to find the originals.

Enjoy our new home’s inspiration board!

Alexi-Bullock-New-Home-Inspiration-Board-02 Alexi-Bullock-New-Home-Inspiration-Board-03 Alexi-Bullock-New-Home-Inspiration-Board-04