Neon Graveyard is Seriously a Must-Go



las vegas neon museum love pink cursive sign


Before I show you the gorgeous photos of the Neon Graveyard in Las Vegas, (which I’m still so so in love with) I will take a moment to remind of you of my sob story, that I promise I will not talk about it all the time. But, as you know, my boyfriend moved permanently to California a few months ago. Insert sad emoji. I’m like a broken record, I’m sorry if you’ve seen me in person recently, I just miss my babe a lot!!


las vegas neon museum green pink blue vintage sign


We have been making it a priority to meet up every other weekend, whether that’s one of us flying or driving to a city in between us. Which happens to be Vegas or St. George.


las vegas neon museum cactus adorable hi sign pink


There’s a lot to do in Vegas, and we have been trying something new and fun each time we go. This was the second trip we did to meet up in Vegas, and I had been eyeing the Neon Graveyard for a LONG time, thanks to beautiful Instagram images like such:


las vegas neon museum showboat vintage sign


Tanner was a fantastic sport to go here with me, it wasn’t exactly thrilling for him, but you should have heard me. I was gushing and oohing and ahhing at all the stunning color combinations in the graveyard, the degradation of the metal, and the beautiful brokenness that was these rundown signs.


las vegas neon museum what it looks like


Obsessed can’t begin to describe how the experience was, I loved every second…okay, I DIDN’T love the dead hot heat. SO glad we grabbed those little umbrellas they provided. Make sure you get your own!


las vegas neon museum stardust big complete red sign


If you have the chance to go, go during the DAY!! There are only 5 restored signs, so make sure there’s at LEAST enough light that you can relish in the beautiful color scheme. (And I talked to a friend who went to it during the late evening and she was disappointed.)


las vegas neon museum pink and baby blue fox pretty vintage signs


If you go, please tell me how your experience was, and here’s to many more adventures of meeting up with this fella every couple weeks to keep our love alive!


las vegas neon museum in love old vintage sign