My Home Freelance Studio

I’ve had people ask about what my home studio looks like? Lately, I like to freelance on the couch by my husband because then we get to bond with little bits of conversation here and there. (Okay, I know we probably aren’t really bonding, but it’s way more bonding than if I was locked in my studio all alone, #amirite?). But, it’s very apparent that I am easily distracted.

Ironically, tonight was a perfect example of that, because I was working at the kitchen table, within viewing distance of the TV. And even though Greg tried to pick shows where I wouldn’t get distracted, it was just no use! I kept getting sucked in to little segments here or there. So I reluctantly left my post at the kitchen table to bury myself in my sanctuary, aka, my studio.

And it really does feel like a sanctuary. I am safe in my little 12 foot by 12 foot room, and can usually pump out a lot of work when I’m not distracted. I tend to listen to music that doesn’t distract too much, which for me means catchy beats or lyrics, so my music of choice lately has been indie eletronica, if that means anything to you. Anyway, here is a peek inside of my freelance life. It’s humble but I love it. Enjoy!