My Dream

So…sometimes I get ridiculous ideas. I start off small with an idea, and then it expands and expands until I’ve created an entire plan in my head with details of when, where, how, and it becomes a reality to me! This happens a lot, and poor Greg has to deal with all my crazy ideas whenever I come up with them! The best part is that it’s actually really fun to decide all these plans because I have an imaginary budget and with imaginary extra time! So they always turn out fantastically(in my head)! Well…one of these dreams is to take my out-of-home floral business, Blossoms by Lex, and actually take the time to brand it, design it well, turn it into a mini boutique to sell my services as a wedding florist, sell small art pieces, and have an out-of-home location! So that’s my idea! And here is the most exciting detail of this idea…it will be in a trailer!! Sounds crazy, I know, but look at the successes of other businesses in trailers below and look how adorable they are!! You’ll die. So I’ve had this idea for awhile now, (with way too many details already planned out that I won’t bother to write out), and it has evolved from a crazy idea to a GOAL! I’m going to do it! Seriously! I just don’t know when yet. But it will happen!! I will make it happen!! And secretly, I just found the perfect trailer on Craigslist! (it’s the last pics below, check them out!) AH! But I don’t exactly have a garage to store it at, NOR the funds to remodel a trailer. BUT I totally want to anyway! So, until I find the funds to create my dream, I’ll just share it with YOU! So take a look at the successful trailer remodels below (and the trailer I want to buy) and enjoy my dream/idea/goal!

I found this trailer remodel HERE.

This Skillet Restaurant’s website can be found HERE.

This Fresher than Fresh Gourmet Snowcone traveling restaurant can be found HERE. This. Is. So. Cute.

Above, this traveling cafe is in NYC and can be seen HERE

Above and below is the trailer that I think would be AWESOME to remodel and turn into my wedding flower business/boutique! It’s run-down, but so cute!

I hope you enjoyed sharing my dream with me!!

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