My Christmas Through IG

Oh what a month it has been. (Understatement of my life, hah!) It was officially the worst Christmas Day I’ve ever had, one reason why is because I got a nasty stomach bug ON Christmas and was sick all afternoon and evening. NO fun! And I was sort of dreading Christmas all month, and then once it came, I didn’t want it to leave! Because then it’s back to real life again, and who wants that? I would rather be sipping hot cocoa, eating peppermint treats, and smelling fresh pine needles all YEAR! So, although I was terrible at blogging, you get a snapshot of my life through IG. Lucky you! Please follow me, we have lots of fun and you can see sneak peeks about what I’m up to, (like going to AZ tomorrow for a few days!).


IMG_2206 IMG_2163-edit IMG_2469 IMG_2544 IMG_2627 IMG_2562 IMG_2566 IMG_2621- IMG_2592