Mudcloth Pillows for Sale

I made these Mudcloth pillows for a festival almost 2 years ago and I love them so much! They are made from authentic mudcloth and are a really beautiful accent for any room. I personally have one on my armchairs and couch to bring some personality to those areas, without getting too out of hand since they’re a simple black and cream.


I found the ones I never sold the other day and have no need to hang onto them! So, if you’re interested in buying any, shoot me an email seekingalexi (at) There are other sites with wider selections of mudcloth pillows, but since I only have two patterns and two sizes so I’m selling them at a cheaper price to just get rid of them.

I have three pillowcases of each pattern in the 16×16″ sizes (so, six large pillowcases), 3 total 16×16″ pillowforms, and then I’m selling the four 8×16″ pillowcases of the dot/squiggle pattern WITH their pillowforms.

Shoot me an email asap if you’re interested!