Monday Stumbles: What I Stumbled Upon This Week – #34

What beautiful, inspiring, neat things did I stumble upon this last week?? 6 of them are straight from my Pinterest account. If you aren’t following, show some love and let me love you, too!…That sounded bad, haha. Anyway, here are the things I stumbled upon this last week!

gorgeous cafe sign minimalist, wood, simple type

1–This Cafe Signage

It’s making me want to open my own cafe/store RN even though I don’t even drink coffee… Would a hot chocolate and tea cafe be just as successful? If you’re curious if there would be donuts there too, the answer is yes.


Don't ask me why, but somehow I love this gorgeous poster, polka dots, letter K, pretty color scheme

2–This Poster

I don’t even know what it means, but I like it. The textures, colors, moody photo, mmmmm, it’s just tasty.


Can someone please make this little kid modern tree house?

3–This Little Kid Treehouse

Can someone please make this treehouse immediately? I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait until I have kids to recreate this. If someone doesn’t stop me, it will be going in next week. …Oh, I don’t have a tree in my backyard? That wouldn’t stop me.


Modern, traditional houses with black door frames, white window trim, and gray walls and roof. Yum.

4–This Outdoor Scene

My monochromatic obsession continues!!! The black and white, and grays and natural woods have me DYING over here. The exterior of my home is so far from this that even if I painted it, it wouldn’t look as cute as this. I guess I’ll just have to design a new home!haha


Extravagant invitation with layers, floral, kraft paper & type

5– This Invite

The layering, the illustration, and the presentation of these invites is so epic. It makes me want to create some layered, delicious invites just for fun! Or maybe for my 28th golden birthday coming up?…


Copper, marble, nude, pink, type...such a good combo.

6-This Random Design

Can we talk about how beautiful this is? I LOVE the copper mixed with pink and marble, the structure of the “I” next to the scribbled “inspiration.” This poster is a perfect juxtaposition, which is right up my alley in style!



Last but not least, THIS HILARIOUS VIDEO is bound to make you laugh, especially if you are married or have been married. I swear, I cry-laughed every time I watched it. Please tell me you think it’s funny too?


Did you stumble upon anything amazing this week that I should know about?