Modify Ink Posters 30% Off

I just opened my shop, have you seen it yet? I’ve been wondering if people want different colors than the ones I’ve provided. DO YOU?? Well, I may have found an easy solution for this predicament.  I was recently introduced to Modify Ink, and I’m thinking about putting my designs on it! It’s this really cool new website where you can change the colors on a poster to whatever you want!!! It’s actually really awesome, because there have been numerous times where I’ve liked a piece of artwork, but didn’t buy it because it was the wrong colors. You know the struggle, right?

But Modify Ink allows you to change the colors to whatever you want! Take the following 4 images, for example. They are all the same posters, but different colors! What a huge difference those colors make, too! And the posters are adorable, obviously!haha It’s really easy, and really high quality, and I have LOVED working with them, thus far.

Anyway, I’ve partnered with them, Modify Ink, to get you guys 30% OFF your ENTIRE ORDER (expires Wednesday at 9:00AM–72 hours after this post went live). So hurry! This type of deal for them doesn’t come around very often!! Just head to this personalized preview page to REVEAL THE DISCOUNT CODE needed to get the discount! Also, enjoy these preview images of my design studio, which I’ll be posting about later this week!





alexi-bullock-interiors-studio-modify-ink-1 alexi-bullock-interiors-studio-modify-ink-2 alexi-bullock-interiors-studio-modify-ink-3 alexi-bullock-interiors-studio-modify-ink-4

This is a sponsored post.