On Mix 105.1: How I Started Working with The Home Depot


Pinch me!! If you follow along on my Instagram, you saw that I accomplished one of my bucket list items recently, which was to be on the radio! I have always wanted to be on the radio, and even better that it was about how I’m trying to tackle my dreams on the side with DIY projects and empowering women. YAY! Mix Morning Fix on FM 105.1 here in Utah is an amazing morning show and graciously reached out to feature me on “Meet the Blogger Monday.” Thank you so much!!!


Showing up to the radio station was a little scary because I had no idea what we would be talking about. They didn’t provide any interview questions, or give me more details about what it would be about. I just showed up, chatted for a little, waited for their morning session to be finished, and we jumped into the recording without so much as a prompt.

Little insider, is with some interviews like this one, they are actually pre-recorded, even though they sound live! Some bloggers are nervous, so that’s what Mix 105 does, then they edit them, and run them a couple days later seemingly “live.”


And even though I was nervous, it was easier than I thought, surprisingly. It really was just a conversation where they asked about who I am, what I do, some of my projects, asked about how I got started working with The Home Depot. They made me feel very comfortable and like we were friends for years, it’s an amazing talent they have!


I would love to hear what you think about my interview, thanks for the support and sweet messages about being on the radio! It was so fun tackling that dream off my list. Enjoy the interview, and go tackle your dreams!