March’s Domaign Class: Gold-Foil Potted Succulents

Introducing the fourth ever Domaign Class! This month’s event will be designing the home with beautiful, Gold-Foil Potted Succulents! It’s Thursday, March 13th at 8:00pm. It will be hosted in my home in Lehi. 

I thought this would be the perfect to create together just before spring starts to get us all in the springtime mood, and it’s almost St. Patrick’s! And who doesn’t love succulents? They are my favorite these days, and are SO EASY to keep alive. I’ll teach you tips to keep yours alive, too! My favorite part is that the gold foil can be dressed up, or dressed down, depending on the patterns you apply. It’s a very easy and very fun skill to have!

For this class, we will spray paint your clay pot(s) together, apply the gold foil in your desired patterns, and plant the succulent(s). I will purchase the succulents in a variety of options, and you can select your succulents at class on a first come first serve basis. But if there is a type of succulent you are dying to have, PM me and I can do my best to find it for you!

There are 3 different sizes/prices for this class as the sizes for each potted succulent makes a difference in cost. The “Tiny” potted succulent’s price is $11, the “Small” and “Medium” are each $15 and a large one is $22. The limit for this class is set up a little differently: there is a 30 potted succulent limit OR a 15 person limit, whichever comes FIRST! So for this class you can make as many gold-foil potted succulents as you want, or just one! But as soon as the 30 succulents or the 15 person limit is reached, the class registration will be closed! I’ll be providing everything you need, including: the pots, the spray paint (I’m providing 4 colors: black, white, turquoise, and coral), 1 5.5″ square of gold foil, the adhesive, the succulent, and a clear sealant.

To register, your payment must be paid in advanced via paypal (send it as a gift to, Venmo, mail a check to my home, or get me cash. MAKE SURE TO TELL ME which size of succulents you want if you are reserving your spot for multiple succulents! Your spot must be reserved with the class paid in full by Tuesday the 11th (That’s one week away!). So get your friends to sign up and pay ASAP before the spots fill up!!!

To stay up to date on other Domaign classes I’ll be hosting, please add the FB group and invite your friends!!

(Sorry for any inconvenience of paying in advance…I have to ask you to pay in advance because I’m sticking my neck out purchasing the supplies, some of which are non-refundable, so I really need to know how many people are coming. Thank you for understanding!!)

Lastly (sorry for the novel…if you actually read this far, I love you that much more!) I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone’s support and excitement over these classes! It’s something I feel passionately about and I’m so delighted that there are others who grasp my vision as well. Thank you for your support, and I love meeting you all as you are all just so wonderful!