Make Your Own Candle

Can I share with you something sooo simple?? Making candles in teacups!! I did it for my tea party last week and they all turned out fantastic!! Take a look at the instructions below so I can show you how easy AND fun it is! Especially with the final product!! Enjoy!!

First, buy candle wax (I used soy wax!), prepared candle wicks, the scent of your choice (I did sugar cookie!), and some adorable containers like the tea cups me and my friends used!

Next, measure out un-melted wax 1 and 3/4 times for your specific tea cup and dump that in a double boiler on your stove.

The pan that held the wax was a pan I bought from D.I. for $1.50 so I didn’t have to worry about ruining my nice pan. And it worked great!!
Melt the wax on medium high until all the wax is melted! 
Stir it as needed to help the wax melt evenly.
(I used a wooden spoon, but remember that it will be difficult to get the wax off when you’re finished, so don’t use your nicest spoon!)

Now, add the scent you choose! It will say on the instructions of the scent you buy how many drops to add. 
I ended up using about 14 drops per teacup, but it depends on your preference and the concentration of your scent!

Prepare your teacups before hand by glueing your wick to the bottom of the teacup.
Then use skewers to secure your wick in place by taping the skewers to the top of your teacup.
Use foil and paper to create a makeshift funnel to gently pour your hot wax into your teacup.
Make sure you have someone hold the funnel securely in place before pouring the wax!

Wait a few hours and your wax will be settled enough to move! It won’t be completely firm for 48 hours, so wait til then to light your wick for the first time!

There you have it!! Wasn’t that fun and don’t they look cute!! Let me know if you need help of have questions!!

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