Letterpress Design Invites

Just posted a new project to my portfolio!!! Check it out! These invites are the first letterpress invitations I’ve ever designed and printed, and the result is jaw-droppingly beautiful! There is just something about letterpress that elevates an invitation by so much, it’s hard to put a finger on it. It might be the tactile feel of raised letters on thick cotton paper, or just that letterpress looks so soft and yet crisp at the same time. I sound like a nut job, but unless you have held something of this stature, it’s hard to explain! Anyway, here are a few sneak photos of the invites below, but you can see all of the images HERE.

Aly & Sean, congrats on your engagement, and thank you so much for letting me be a small part of your experience so far! I love you both and good luck!!


Alexi-Bullock-Wedding-Invite-Sean-Aly-01 Alexi-Bullock-Wedding-Invite-Sean-Aly-02 Alexi-Bullock-Wedding-Invite-Sean-Aly-05 Alexi-Bullock-Wedding-Invite-Sean-Aly-04 Alexi-Bullock-Wedding-Invite-Sean-Aly-09