Is Backpacking Havasupai Hard?

I was always jealous of my brothers in boy scouts growing up. They got to go on backpacking trips almost year-round to various places near our home. Utah is a backpacker’s dream, and we grew up just 30 minutes from numerous canyons and surrounded by the most beautiful mountains.

Well, it only took me 27 years to finally sign up for my own backpacking trip, to Havasupai! It’s a Native Indian Reservation in Arizona down a portion of the Grand Canyon and it was a complete DREAM.

Was it hard? YES. Was it worth it? YES.

The most daunting part about Havasupai was that I didn’t know how much of anything I was going to need down there. I’d never had to carry my own food, water (just for the hike in and out), clothing, sleeping arrangements and other gear on my own back before. And by golly, 30lbs is HEAVY when it’s sitting on your love handles and boney shoulders and you’re sweaty and the rocks are sliding under your feet and you have 8 miles still to go…

But somehow I did it. And I am so proud! And so grateful I have a healthy body that could accomplish something so tough so I could experience something so beautiful as Havasupai.