Interiors: American Flag Pride

Have you read any of my recent posts? They talk about not being afraid, new changes coming to this blog, and that I’m shifting my blog to be about designing other parts of my life, not just graphic design. That will give you a little background if you’re new or haven’t been in awhile. This is a continuation of those posts, so take a lookie!

How do I take my thought process of creating a graphic design piece to designing my home? How does that even make sense? Well, think of it this way. Part of being a designer, is making conscious decisions to improve the overall aesthetics and purpose of a project. So when it comes to my home, instead of buying something for my home just because it’s there, or maybe because it’s on sale, then slapping it into the corner of my home I want to be more involved in the what, why and how when it comes to designing my home. What do I want my home to look like and portray? Why? What is the overall vision for my home? Does this specific piece add or take away from my overall goal? This type of thinking is what I do for graphic design projects, and it works quite easily for anything and everything.

One thing you have to take into consideration as a designer are trends. Yes, yes, there are some designs that are timeless, and that’s a noble goal for many things I design. But not everything has to be timeless, some of it can be trendy, if it’s trendy for a purpose.

Like…have you seen this trend lately? [Insert a the “Star-Spangled Banner”]

I know, I know…it’s after the patriotic month of July. But who says you can’t be patriotic all year long? Right? That’s what we think, too. Thus, I found a flag a month ago, mended the ragged edge, hung it up on the widest un-used wall in our home, and have left it up for over 6 weeks now! What do you think?

Needless to say, I’m in love!! I’ll probably take it down for the holidays, though, or unless enough of you think it’s awful! Tell me what you think!!

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