You may have seen my announcement on Instagram already, but I’m still so unbelievably excited that I want to write a post about it! Because the secret is officially OUT, I am speaking at ALT Summer, 2015 in less than a month and I cannot believe it at all!!!

How did this happen, you ask? Well let me tell you!!

I attended my first Alt conference in winter this year, in January. It honestly changed me and I wrote a whole recap post about it if you’re curious to hear more of what I thought. Anyway, a month or so later, I received a standard Alt newsletter about applying to be a speaker! Instead of dismissing it because I’m a “nobody” in the blogging world, I though, “Hey, I have something valuable I can add to Alt! I have some skills that I think would make a pretty good class!” And the final thought that pushed me to finally apply was this thought: the worse that could happen is that they could say “no” (which was where I already was…not speaking at Alt anyway). So I followed their instructions and applied!

Then I waited, and didn’t hear anything…

And then I got another newsletter from Alt talking about the speakers… And I was NOT on the list. And I’m not gonna lie, there was a piece of me that was a little disappointed that I didn’t make it in, but the other part of me was still proud that I even applied at all!!! So really, it felt like a win because I was brave, and that I had put myself out there. And THAT was a win.

…And just when I had gotten “over it” I received a special email straight from Gabrielle of Design Mom, herself. In. The. Flesh. (Okay, it was in an email, not in the flesh, haha) She was sending out confirmation emails to the second batch of speakers! Here’s what it said!

“Hi Alexi. Congratulations! You’ve been selected as a speaker for Alt Summer 2015 in Salt Lake City. We’ll be in touch with more details (like date and time) shortly, but I wanted to let you know right away so that you could make plans. … Congratulations, again. We can’t wait for the conference!”

I hadn’t even made it though the email before I started screaming for joy! But then I had to read it again, twice, to make sure it wasn’t a fluke! And then as fast as I could, I burst into the bedroom where Greggy was and started hyperventilating with excitement as I told him all about it! He spun me around, and we freaked out, and then promptly went back to my computer to read the email a few more times in disbelief and pure joy! And then I made a “to do” list, because that’s just what I do! I make lists!! (And honestly, where do you start to make a list for something like that??)

So that’s my story about hearing that I’ll be speaking at Alt! The excitement is starting to wear off as the conference creeps forward and I realize I don’t have a finished curriculum yet, but I vow to NOT procrastinate on this one, no way! Thanks for hearing my thoughts and reading my story about speaking at Alt! And if you come to Alt Summer, PLEASE COME TO MY CLASS so that I’m not just speaking to my husband who will be listening at the back of the room.

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