I’m a Genius

No seriously! I have invented (or so I would like to think) an awesome way to make pizza!! It is SOO easy and SOOO delicious! And it’s honestly no hassle or stress at ALL! So, here’s how you make it….YOU FRY IT! Yes! You fry a pizza in a frying pan! Sound ridiculous? I promise it’s not! So here’s how you make it! Check out the instructions below and PLEASE try it! I swear you’ll be happy you did!

Warm a frying pan on medium-medium/low heat with a drizzle of EVOO (thanks Rachel Ray!) Get some pizza dough from the store; I bought mine at Trader Joe’s!! It’s pre-seasoned and it’s delicious!! Just rip off a chunk big enough to completely cover the base of whatever size frying pan you use. The dough can be as thick or thin as you want it! I like to add a little extra garlic and salt too, but do whatever you choose!

Cook it until the top is bubbly and starts to look like this!

It will look like this on the bottom. You might think this is not cooked enough, and you’re right! But we’ll cook it more in a bit! Cook this opposite side until your dough isn’t dough-y anymore! Just do it by your preference; whatever floats your boat!

Flip your pizza dough back over to the original side and put your pizza toppings on! Feel free to add more fun toppings than I did, but cheese was all I wanted!! I put on some marinara sauce (from a jar, thank you Trader Joe’s!) mozzarella cheese, parmesan, and asiago cheese, YUM! Turn your heat down WAY low and wait until your cheese is all melty and delicious!

Look! That’s all! And you have a perfect size pizza that you could create to your specifications!! For finishing touches, I added some fresh, dried basil on top!

Take a big bite, and let me know if you tried this and how your pizza turned out!!
  • Lexi girl – love your blog! And i have to try this! Looks soo yummy, and I’m always up for an easy way to cook pizza. I’m adding you to my blog roll – hope that’s ok!

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